Thursday, 28 June 2018



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Opening remarks from the chairperson

Simon Stockdale – Founder + CEO, Pagemap, Executive Chair, LegalTechNZ


Rise of the machines: How is AI changing the face of law?

Artificial intelligence (AI) for professional service firms is a fast-developing field. Explore the journey of McCarthy Finch, a joint venture between MinterEllisonRuddWatts and Goat Venture and discuss where future AI development is heading:

  • Why is AI relevant to law firms – and what made MinterEllisonRuddWatts invest in an AI joint venture?
  • How will AI change the way legal services are delivered in the future?
  • Explore the potential capabilities of AI in five years’ time
  • Is fear of the ‘robo-lawyer’ replacing human lawyers overhyped, and could AI truly have an adverse impact on the profession?

Jane Parker – Partner, MinterEllisonRuddWatts

Jean Yang – Legal Services Manager, McCarthy Finch


WORKSHOP: Blockchain – what you need to know

Will the disruptive potential of blockchain be the next ‘internet moment’, and how will this affect the legal profession? Use practical examples to explore the key elements of blockchain in this interactive workshop:

  • What is blockchain? Exploring the distributed ledger system
  • Can an ‘indelible record’ really be achieved?
  • Practical examples of blockchain technology in action
  • What are the challenges for blockchain in a legal context?

Chris Linton – Partner, Duncan Cotterill


Morning refreshment break


TECH TALK 1: Technological trends in the legal profession

The New Zealand legal profession is undergoing rapid change with a tidal wave of innovation washing through the legal market. Find out which trends are affecting lawyers and what professional bodies are doing to rise to the challenge.

  • Which new trends and technologies are impacting the legal profession?
  • What can you do to leverage the benefits of digital technology to stay relevant?
  • Reasons why should you embrace and invest in new technologies

Claudia King – Founder + CEO, Automio


TECH TALK 2: Are you communicating securely?

Secure communication is a priority for legal professionals. Are your communications safe, and how can you improve security?

  • How do you communicate with clients? If it’s email, it’s not secure!
  • How to use your existing systems more securely
  • What to consider when investing in new systems

Matt Farrington – Legal Technologist, Juno Legal


TECH TALK 3: Cost-effective tech solutions for firms

Law firms that embrace innovative technology that integrates with practice management software and offsets the cost of managing files into a legitimate disbursement are guaranteed to reduce an overhead expense by 35% or more.

  • What you can do to stop eroding your bottom line
  • Automate your workflows and turn non-billable hours into billable hours
  • How to capture copy and print costs and convert expenses into revenue
  • The hidden costs of managing, storing & processing files in-house
  • Become a ‘paper-less’ practice but still preserve all paper files

Anthony Bleasdale – Managing Director – APAC, BigHand


TECH TALK 4: How to improve legal technology adoption

Hear the results of LegalTechNZ’s latest survey on the use of legal technology in New Zealand, and learn how your firm can stay agile and drive innovation in the digital age. Innovation is no longer just a buzzword in the legal industry; find out what actions your firm can take to make innovation a priority.

  • What does innovation look like for the modern firm?
  • How can technology enhance your innovation process?
  • How can you ingrain innovation into your culture?
  • What tools are available today to help you get started?

Simon Stockdale – Founder + CEO, Pagemap, Executive Chair, LegalTechNZ




Smart contracts: is Ethereum going to change the world?

Will an early understanding of smart contracts give law firms a significant competitive edge? Explore smart contract technology, and analyse the arguments presented by it:

  • How do smart contracts work, and are they legally enforceable?
  • Can smart contracts manage rescission if they are an ‘unstoppable force’?
  • Smart contract security: Is client confidentiality compromised, and can they be hacked?
  • What happens if auto-enforcement fails?
  • Will smart contracts revolutionise the dispute process?

Amy Ryburn – Partner, Buddle Findlay

Bridgette White – Senior Associate, Buddle Findlay


Critical data protection strategies and cybersecurity risks

With no tangible lock and key, the storing of privileged documents and client data in a digital system can come with understandable concerns. How can you secure your assets, and what should you do in the event of a hack?

  • How can you leverage the benefits of cloud storage without risking a breach in confidentiality?
  • Cyber espionage and hacking risks: how extreme are they, and do you have the right defences in place to protect your data?
  • How should you respond to a hack? Immediate strategies to survive data breaches and ransomware attacks

Anthony Grasso – Chief Technology Officer, CyberToa


Networking break


Corporate venture capital: helping your clients make the right new technology investment choices

Making informed investment decisions in today’s disruptive economy is business critical. Fail to innovate and you could fail to survive – make the wrong choice, and it could have far-reaching repercussions. How should you help your clients assess how to be involved in new technology opportunities?

In this insightful session, Ray will outline the background to the information of Goat Ventures, and discuss a powerful new corporate venturing model which is quite different to the norm.

Dr. Ray Thomson – Director and LP, Goat Ventures


WORKSHOP: Positive change leadership through technological transformation

The Magna Carta was the first legal disrupter, and the law has evolved continually ever since. Correctly managed, disruptive change can foster progress and innovation, but how do you sensitively sway the heel-diggers in order to future-proof your firm?

  • Which change management approaches work, and which are destined for failure?
  • How to get firm-wide buy in and empower colleagues to embrace change
  • How to measure success throughout the change process

Leighton Abbot – Senior Client Partner, Humankind NZ


Conference concludes