Wednesday, 19 June 2019



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Opening remarks from the chairperson

Louise Taylor – Senior Associate, Simpson Grierson


How to accelerate your digital transformation journey

A successful adoption of digital transformation occurs when the innovation is supported company wide and not just spearheaded by the IT department. How do you align your organisation’s digital and corporate strategy and how do you keep up with emerging technologies?

  • What technology should you be considering as an integral part of your corporate strategy?
  • Working across departments to embark on the digital transformation journey
  • Effective leadership to drive digital transformation within your organization
  • Driving outcomes for your clients through innovative uses of data and design thinking

Bruce McClintock – CEO & Founder – Zeren, Chapman Tripp

Tony Wickstead – General Manager of Transformation and Delivery, Fonterra


PANEL: Knowledge management – How to leverage technology and data as a strategic resource

Disruptive change is inevitable and must be correctly managed to ensure a smooth transition to new ways of working. This session will highlight how information moves through organisations as employees retire and new staff join, how would this impact recruitment and resourcing?

  • Knowledge is power – how are you keeping knowledge in your organisation?
  • What skills will legal professionals need within a tech driven environment?
  • Connecting the dots: knowledge management as process and technology integrators


Simon Lapthorne – Partner, Kiely Thompson Caisley

Catherine Stewart – Principal, Catherine Stewart Barrister

Nick Valentine – Special Counsel, DLA Piper


Louise Taylor – Senior Associate, Simpson Grierson


Morning refreshment break


Creating and negotiating more appropriate contracts for “As a Service” offerings

In this session we will look at:

  • What is “as a Service”? Benefits and challenges
  • If traditional IT contracts do not work in the aaS environment, then what does?
  • What are key considerations for buyers when moving to aaS?
  • The “aaS Principles” Purpose, Scope & Applicability

Jennie Vickers – CEO, New Zealand Defence Industry Association


TECH TALK 1: The ever-evolving world of blockchain

Rachel Paris – Founder, Blockchain Boutique


TECH TALK 2: Operational excellence – improving legal support processes and maximising profitability

Tony Bleasdale – Managing Director (APAC), BigHand


Networking lunch


Legal Stream

Chair: Gretchen Fraser – Senior Associate, KensingtonSwan

CASE STUDY: Preventing a cyber attack on your firm and protecting your clients data

With risks and regulations relating to cyber threats increasing, data security is becoming critically important for all businesses, including law firms. This session, Craig will share how to:

  • Identify the source of the breach, how it occurred and provide legal response
  • Manage and protect your organisation’s reputation
  • Advise on what preventative steps are required to minimise the risk
  • Key lessons learnt from system adoption

Craig Columbus – Independent Director (Former CIO, Russell McVeagh)

In-House Stream

Chair: William Fussey – Barrister, Catherine Stewart Barrister

CASE STUDY: Adopting legal technologies and integrating with your IT legacy systems

Innovation is no longer a buzzword in the legal industry. Learn how your organisation can remain agile and drive innovation in the digital age.

  • How to transform your in-house legal departments by integrating new systems and technology
  • How to optimise your in-house legal functions
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities from redesigning your delivery of legal services
  • How to deliver better services to your clients

Trina Lincoln – Associate General Counsel for Construction, Housing New Zealand


CASE STUDY: Practical uses of artificial intelligence (AI) in legal firms

Innovative law firms are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and automating increasing amounts of ‘traditional’ legal work. In this case study, you will hear how [law firm] uses AI and automation to reduce labour-intensive tasks without sacrificing the level of service to their clients.

  • Using technology assisted review (TAR) for litigation and investigations
  • Artificial intelligence in contract analysis – pros and cons
  • Streamlining the IPO verification process
  • Crunching the numbers: cost of technology investment versus time savings

Nick Valentine – Special Counsel, DLA Piper

CASE STUDY: Agile at scale in the digital era – how to build your business model fit for the future

One of the greatest barriers to effective innovation lies in the complexities of its implementation. What are the risks and challenges of incorporating innovative tech solutions into existing IT infrastructure and legacy systems? This session will discuss the following:

  • Changing the way digital is delivered to meet customer needs
  • How to build a business case for your innovation initiatives
  • Improving customer experience through technologies such as mobile, cloud, security and service management
  • Sharing Spark NZ’s Agile transformation journey so far and the implications for the provision of legal services

Sasha Daniels – Lead Legal Business Partner of Technology, Competition and Regulation, Spark New Zealand


Afternoon refreshment break


PANEL: How to make real and tangible innovation come to life with limited budget and resources

Advancements in technology and where it’s taking legal services is a hot topic within the legal industry however there are barriers to adopting new technologies and change. This interactive panel session will address:

  • How do we move towards a fully digital law practice and what does it entail?
  • How do we know which technologies will have a lasting impact on the company?
  • How to get maximum return on investment and cost-effective technology solutions?


Sophie Braggins – Chief Executive Officer, Govett Quillam

Nigel Stevenson – Chief Information Officer, Kensington Swan

Sarah Thirlwall – Chief Digital Officer, MinterEllisonRuddWatts


Louise Taylor – Senior Associate, Simpson Grierson


Closing remarks